Hi, I'm Matt Dzwonczyk.

I'm a Software Developer and a Computer Science student building solutions that bring communities together.

About Me

Education & Introduction

I'm a second-year Computer Science student at NC State University in Raleigh, North Carolina and originally from the New York City area. While earning my degree, I'm looking to gain experience as a Software Engineer through meaningful internship experiences where I can use my existing skills to contribute to meaningful projects on diverse teams.

I'm a quick learner always looking to expand my knowledge, and I'm very capable of applying my existing skills and talents in new environments with new groups of people.

If you're hiring, I encourage you to reach out to me if you think I might be a good fit in your company's culture.

I do other things besides work and school of course! In my free time, I like programming, vacationing in new places, discovering new music on Spotify, and running and hiking outdoors.

Quick trivia:

  • Favorite food: Sushi 🍣
  • Most-used services: Spotify, Hulu, Trello, GitHub.
  • Favorite holiday: Thanksgiving
  • Tabs or spaces: Tabs turned into spaces.
  • Favorite band: Two Door Cinema Club

Work Experience

I currently work part-time as a Jr. Software Developer contractor at Cisco on their Computer Security Incident Response Team where I'm improving the accuracy and efficiency of network traffic monitoring for CSIRT's Network Analysts and Investigators.

This past summer I also worked as a Security Software Engineer Intern at Cisco in Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina. At Cisco, I worked closely with a group of highly skilled Software Engineers on Cisco’s Computer Security Incident Response Team. I was responsible for fully automating the retrieval, data mapping, and delivery of Cisco’s network traffic to dozens of Network Analysts and Investigators.

Separate from my work at Cisco, I'm also a Full Stack Software Developer with several ongoing projects, some of which are listed in the portfolio section.

Please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn, check out my GitHub profile, and take a look at my resume to learn more! You may also contact me below with any questions or inquiries you may have.

Technical Skills

If you're interested in what some of my most notable technical skills are and where I've learned them, read on!

You can also read the shortlist on my resume.



I have a ton of experience programming in Python, as well as with the Django and Flask web frameworks, and several packages for data parsing and managing HTTP requests.

I worked primarily with Python and Django as a Security Software Engineer Intern at Cisco. I also have a couple of my personal written in Python, including, but not limited to FlightSimDB and Unit Converter.


Between my completely custom Mines of Code Minecraft server project, and my Computer Science coursework at NC State University in Java, I have developed projects ranging from small utilities to large-scale applications. Java was the first object-oriented language that I learned, and I continue to learn about new tools for the language.


Most of my web projects involve JavaScript in one way or another (even a bit on this page!). FlightSimDB utilizes a lot of JavaScript for the frontend including the JQuery library and the Google Maps JavaScript API.

I also gained valuable experience in JavaScript frameworks using the Angular framework for my work at Cisco, and I've done a lot of small JavaScript projects that are on my GitHub. These smaller projects have also given me experience with backend JavaScript technologies including Node.js and Express.


Through my Computer Science coursework I have become very fluent in C and C++. These languages have given me a lot of knowledge of the underlying computer processes that I am able to apply to more "bottom-up" languages like Java.

A few of the important concepts I'm adept with include, but are not limited to, pointers, arrays, dynamic memory allocation, I/O, structures and unions, pre-processing, and bitwise operations.


I've recently been doing a lot of work with Node.js and JavaScript backends, as well as Express.js. I really enjoy working with Node.js, and have gotten a chance to heavily use the Node Package Manager (npm) and some of the packages it provides.

One of my newest projects, Statify, is a user statistics tool for Spotify using Node.js and Express.


Though most-likely not a surprise, I utilize HTML and CSS for all of my web applications. I also take full advantage of templating languages like Jade and pre-processors/extensions like Sass, Less and Stylus.

If you'd like to see examples of this work, check out any of my web applications, or even this portfolio website. Right-click and click "view source" if you want to get a closer look.


PHP was of the first languages I learned. FlightSimDB, and the Mines of Code web interface were both originally written in PHP, although the most recent iterations of these projects now use Python and Django or Flask instead.


SQL is another technology that I use for many of my larger projects. I've simplified complex data relationships with MySQL for FlightSimDB, and utilized both MySQL and SQLite for my Mines of Code project.

Software & Tools


My motto is: "Anything done in a GUI, can be done twice as fast in the command line."

While this may not always be true, I think it mostly is, which is why I pretty much live in the terminal nowadays. I'm super adept in a terminal and I'm always finding better ways to complete complex actions in the terminal. My text editor of choice is Vim. If you're interested, you can pick up my vimrc.


I use Git for all of my projects. I mostly use GitHub for my repositories, but I do also have some experience using BitBucket.

I've spent a lot of time learning and using the amazing lesser-known tools that Git provides on top of the basics (staging, committing, branching, merging, rebasing, etc.).


I have some experience using Travis and Circle continuous integration, including use for some projects on my GitHub. I also have a lot of experience using Jenkins for continuous integration through my Computer Science coursework at NC State University.

And more!

I've worked a lot with several other useful, but more niche software including Splunk at Cisco, and Elasticsearch, Adobe Creative Suite, and Google Analytics in my personal projects.

While I can't possibly list all of the tools and languages I have experience with, if you're wondering if I have a particular skillset, send me an message.

Software Processes

I'm proficient in several important software development processes, which I've listed of below. These skills I utilize in most of my work and projects.

  • Software lifecycle
  • Agile software development methodologies
  • System design
  • Database design
  • API development
  • Unit testing
  • Test-driven development
  • Debugging
  • Continuous integration
  • Performance optimization

My Portfolio

I code for fun in my free time too!

Below are a few of the personal projects I've worked on. In addition, I also manage and contribute to several open-source projects on my GitHub profile.



FlightSimDB.com is a web application that enables flight simulation hobbyists to obtain comprehensive airport and navigation data to plan their flights from gate to gate. FlightSimDB consolidates a number of important pieces of information all into one place. FlightSimDB 2.0 is being released soon with a completely rewritten backend in Python with the Django framework.

  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Google Maps API
  • MySQL
  • AJAX
  • XML
  • JSON
  • REST
  • Git
  • GitHub


Statify is a tool that uses the Spotify Web API to give statistics about a user's musical habits on Spotify. Currently, this includes information about a user's top artists and top tracks.

  • JavaScript
  • Node.js
  • Express.js
  • Spotify Web API
  • HTML
  • Jade
  • CSS
  • Stylus
  • REST
  • OAuth2.0
  • Chart.js
  • Git
  • GitHub
Laser Amazer

Laser Amazer

Laser Amazer is an educational computer game created for the NC State University 2016 Freshmen Engineering Design Day to teach children and teenagers basic knowledge of geometry and reflection.

  • Java
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Git
  • GitHub
Unit Converter

Unit Converter

Unit Converter is an open-source unit conversion package written in Python. I started this project as a collaboration between over a dozen contributors on GitHub for DigitalOcean's Hacktoberfest 2016.

  • Python
  • Git
  • GitHub

Contact Me

Interested in discussing opportunities with me?

Please don't hesitate to email me directly at hello@mattdzwonczyk.com or send me a message using the form below.